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Tranquility is a virtual personal assistant. The project was developed by UK and Taiwan universities. The application is a brand new private social media. The users are from all over the world, the most of the users are study abroad students. Tranquility is the leading Taiwanese international social media. Last year, Tranquility released Meet and has been tested in over 15 countries.

Tranquility introduction (English)

Tranquility introduction (Russian)

Tranquility Meet with 15 countries

Tranquility introduction (Spanish)

  • University of Dundee
  • University of York
  • Toastmasters International
  • Feng Chia University
  • National Taiwan Ocean University
  • Hinet News | Tranquility 國際社群
  • PCHome | Tranquility 國際社群
  • Yahoo News | Tranquility 國際社群
  • Yahoo Finance | Tranquility 國際社群
  • 台灣大哥大 | Tranquility 國際社群
  • yam 蕃薯藤 | Tranquility 國際社群
  • Fox 28 News | Tranquility 國際社群
  • Fox 43 News | Tranquility 國際社群
  • Digital Journal News | Tranquility 國際社群
  • Marketwatch News | Tranquility 國際社群
  • newschannelnebraska News | Tranquility 國際社群


Users from over 137 countries

Tranquility 國際社群


Over 70,000 worldwide sources

Tranquility News | 國際社群 新聞


High-resolution image support

Tranquility Photos | 國際社群 照片


Share videos with friends and the world on TQ

Tranquility Videos | 國際社群 影片


1,941,892 podcasts and 93,468,228 episodes

Tranquility Podcasts | 國際社群 播客


News feed and content sharing with friends

Tranquility Friends | 國際社群 朋友


Easy scheduling events and classify by colour tags

Tranquility Calendar | 國際社群 日曆


Video chat with all the world

Tranquility Meet | 國際社群 會議